Rewilding Lankälven

Rewilding Lankälven

We started 2020 by joining the European Rewilding Network (ERN). As part of ERN we look forward to many new contacts and learning from others who work all around Europe with rewilding initiatives.

We have since 2017 been working with the restoration of the river Lankälven which runs through and around our cultural center in Södra Hyttan. Together with local artists we are working on an exhibition portraying the rich life that can be found in the river Lankälven and the fresh water pearl mussels that we hope to relocate there. It is a exibition always in prosess. 

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The exhibition is part of our visitor center for sustainable nature and cultural tourism, in which we cooperate with local businesses, artists, organisations and other enthusiasts. Follow our journey through our Facebook page.

Read more about our Rewilding project on the ERN website

This project is funded by the second hand books we sell in Bergslagens Bokloppis (in Swedish) and a LONA and LOVA project run by the local county council (Länsstyrelsen Örebro Län), as well as HopaJola.

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